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The CS department of the Open University is active in research on various topics related to security and privacy. Below is a list of the researchers active in these fields, a link to their homepage (when available) and, for each, a list of the topics of his/her expertise.

Harald Vranken

Harald Vranken
  • virtual security labs
  • (usable) security of on-line banking
  • botnet detection with deep-learning networks
  • governance of botnet detection
  • energy analysis of blockchain consensus algorithms
  • resilience of distributed networks
  • security of communication protocols for IoT
  • IoT in smart cities.

Hugo Jonker

Hugo Jonker
  • browser and phone fingerprinting,
  • security protocol analysis,
  • fraud detection,
  • web vulnerability scanning,
  • privacy and verifiability of electronic voting and auctions,
  • web-privacy,
  • smartphone-related privacy,
  • context-driven privacy and security,
  • privacy-by-default and enforced privacy.

Greg Alpár

Greg Alpar
  • attribute based credentials,
  • cryptography,
  • networking,
  • mathematics education,
  • privacy-preserving technologies.

Fabian van den Broek

Fabian van
	den Broek
  • Mobile communication security,
  • privacy-preserving authorisation with IRMA.

Arjan Kok

Arjan Kok
  • Security,
  • Computer graphics,
  • Visualization,
  • Virtual reality.

Sietse Ringers

  • Attribute-based credentials,
  • privacy-friendly identity management,
  • privacy-preserving authorisation with IRMA,
  • polymorpghic encryption and pseudonymisation.

Hassan Alizadeh

Hassan Alizadeh
  • anomaly detection,
  • botnet detection.

Stefano Schivo

  • (cyber-)security
  • security in IoT
  • attack trees
  • safety-security interplay