Research line Education & Learning

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Secretariat Faculty of Science
Open Universiteit
Valkenburgerweg 177
6419 AT Heerlen
phone: +31 (0)45 576 2828
twitter: @ou_informatica

Research efforts within the research line "Education & Learning" fall into two themes: software technology for learning and teaching, and Computing Education.

Software Technology for learning and teaching

Bastiaan Heeren

Bastiaan Heeren
  • Intelligent domain-specific exercise assistants
  • improving the quality of type error messages

Josje Lodder

Josje Lodder
  • Automated logic tutors

Computing Education

Erik Barendsen

Erik Barendsen
Learning and teaching
  • teaching methodology
  • digital literacy
  • computational thinking
  • pedagogical content knowledge
  • context based education
  • modeling
  • lambda calculus
  • term and graph rewriting
  • typing systems
  • semantics

Fenia Aivaloglou

Fenia Aivaloglou
  • Software engineering research
  • Programming
  • Programming education
  • Spreadsheets
  • Systems security

Harrie Passier

Harrie Passier
  • Software Quality in Education
  • Didactics of Computer Science
  • Feedback in e-learning tools

Ebrahim Rahimi

Ebrahim Rahimi
  • Teaching methodology

Sylvia Stuurman

Sylvia Stuurman
  • Design for Change
  • Software Architecture
  • Design and programming

Alaaeddin Swidan

Alaaeddin Swidan
  • Didactics for teaching block-based languages
  • Debugging for block-based languages